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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Featured Fellow Etsian Friday was late

Sorry to anyone who may have been expecting the Feature to be on here yesterday. I was too, but in fact got caught up in cleaning my new house that it completely slipped my mind. So here is my "feature for a fellow etsian a day after friday" post! lol.

Pastrystitches is a lovely little shop on etsy that I have frequented and bought from a few times now. She is a pleasant seller and has a fun sense of whimsicalness and kindness to her. Whether you are interested in jewelry, keychains, phonecharms or fleece hats- she can meet your fancy. I have asked her a few questions and she happily answered. Please be sure and read all the way through and visit her shop herehttp://www.pastrystitches.etsy.com/

Q) Please tell us a little bit about yourself, your personality, and how you got started doing what you do.
A) I am 23 years old going on 24 in April, I have been told to be cute, overly friendly, to nice for my own good, like a little sister to my friends (even when I am older than them), and goofy. I move around a lot and use to live in Texas for 13 years (I still call it home), but live in Ohio now. I am happy with my boyfriend that I have been with for six months that I hope to marry in two years.I use to go to conventions (14 total so far) and did a lot of cosplay (costume play for those that don't know), so I have been sewing for six to seven years. The clay is more recent though I use to do that in art class. My aunts are both on Etsy and told me about it... for months I thought over and over if I should or not. I broke down (thank god) and joined the group.

Q) pastrystitches seems like a fun name for a shop. Why did you pick that?
A) Well originally I was going to sell baked goods online, but then I found out I couldn't unless I had a license. I could have had an at home license if it was for us having four cats. Took me awhile to get my shop name since I am doing sewing and clay (and at the time still having the at home bakery in mind)... I was thinking of doing BakedStitches, but my boyfriend said that sounded like I was going to sell drugs. So I changed Baked to Pastry, which comes from the baking the clay part and then the stitches from the sewing I do.

Q) What would you say inspires most of your work, if anything?
A) My boyfriend, my aunts (who are also on etsy), and my love for anime and video games. It helps to be part of a family that's so much into the crafts and making things, it makes you want to try something as well. Both of my aunts are on etsy, so it pushes me to keep working at it and hope to be as good as them with the selling. My boyfriend inspires me to be more creative and to keep working, lol... he pushes me to keep trying. Now my love of anime and video games, those really inspire me to be creative and for ideas to make things. Also I got to say my Etsy friends inspire me a TON on ideas they talk to me a lot about the ideas I want to do and give me feedback on them. I love them to pieces~!

Q) What in your shop, do you have the most fun making?
A) Oh so hard to say. Probably my cat items as well as my mushrooms so far... they are easy to do as well as easy to make different sizes. Also it seems like people really, really love my cat items, so it makes me happy when making them that I know people love them!

Q) What in your shop, is your favorite item or something that you are the most proud of?
A) I got to say Domo and the Cat items. They are so cute and people like them a lot, so I am very proud of them.

Q) I personally love your items! Do you love your items enough to make them for yourself as well?
A) Actually yes, lol! I have made myself orange kitty cat earrings and made myself my own fabric flower... which I still need to make for my shop.

Q) Your etsy shop has only been open since Nov of 2008. Have you been making your goodies for longer than that?
A) Well the clay is new to me, but have been sewing for 6 to 7 years now.

Q) What stands out about your work? What do other people not have that you do?
A) Uniqueness? Cute and lovable? So hard to say... a lot of people make similar things, but not the same... I make some anime and video game items that other people don't. Also slowly working on bookmarks and hair clips of different themes including video games and anime. I haven't seen others having those.

Q) Do you have any current promotions or sales going on?
A) My V-day and Kitty cat items are already 15% off... added an addition 15% off on them until the day of Valentine Day. 20% of one item for a returning customer and also 20% off of the customers that are one of the 100 that hearted me for one item in a three month time.

Q) If you had to promote your shop right here, right now and could only type/write/say up to 25 words, what would you say? Come on now! Really sell it to us! Make us buy from you!
A) I'm cute~! Buy buy buy, lol. Just kidding. I make cute items based off of anything you like in earrings, key chains, phone charms, even hats!

Q) Anything else you would like to say or let everyone know?
A) PastryStitches is actually owned by two people: Justin (boyfriend) and Me (Noelle)... we both create clay items together.

Also, visit Noelle (Pastrystitches) at these locations too:
Blog: http://pastrystitches.blogspot.com/
Myspace: http://myspace.com/chibisub
Livejournal: http://pastrystitches.livejournal.com/
DeviantART: http://tsukiyonoomi.deviantart.com/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/pastrystitches
Plurk: http://www.plurk.com/pastrystitches
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/PastryStitches/55280369041
Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=60539358487

Hope that you all enjoyed the feature.
Unfortunately, I have decided to go against my earlier statement about doing a feature every Friday. I will probably only do them once a month. You see, we are moving soon and it is hectic trying to update constantly and contact contestants while moving. lol. Everyone have a good valentine's day and a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fellow Featured Etsian Picked

Just wanted to update and let everyone know that I have picked my "Fellow Featured Etsian" for my "Fellow Featured Etsian Friday". They have been sent an email with the proper criteria and will be expected to respond within 24 hours. If they do not, a secondary will be picked.

I also picked next weeks as well from this lot because of the fact that my husband and I will be moving soon and I may not have the time to go through entries next week and view them all. Next weeks winner will recieve a similar email this weekend and be expected to respond within the allotted time as well. Once again, if they do not, a secondary will be picked.

I hope that you will all return on my "Fellow Featured Etsian Friday" to read about the interesting person and their interesting shop that I will be blurbing about!


Friday, February 6, 2009

Blog Feature and Blog Giveaway

Blog Feature Added
So I have decided that I am going to do a weekly blog feature on some of my favorite etsians. I will post a feature every Friday from now on for the winning etsian. However, to be chosen, the etsian must post a comment somewhere in my blog that has "featured etsian entry" in the comment post. The etsian must also be readily available to answer questions about his/her shop so that the feature can be posted on time. Don't even think about entering if you cannot answer questions asked within a 24 hour period. The requirements for entry into the featured estian posts will be as follows-

Required to comment in my blog with the following:
Your Name
Shop Name and Shop Link
The words "featured etsian entry for __/__/__(date to be featured)"
What is unique about your shop or why I should feature you
Your email address

If you would like to nominate a friend or your favorite etsian for the feature, please feel free to do so. Just make sure that they will be readily available for answering questions for the feature.

I will post a thread in the etsy forums to try to remind everyone on Fridays that the next weeks feature etsian is up for grabs. Then you will have until the following Wednesday to post. I will then choose on Wednesday and email questions to the feature winner later wednesday morning. If the winner does not respond within 24 hours, a secondary winner will be chosen. The post will go up on Friday at no specified time.

Super Awesome Giveaway!

I am hosting my first official blog giveaway. The winner will receive a fun set of tribbles jewelry in a custom color of their choice. The set includes one pair of tribbles earrings and one matching hairtie.

The colors to chose from are as follows:

To enter into the giveaway contest, all you have to do is one or more the following:
*Post a comment on my blog (Qualifies as 1 entry) with the following information:
Your name
Email so that I can notify you if you win
Your color preference for the tribbles set
Your favorite item from my shop
Limit to one entry this way per contestant
*Post a link to my blog in your blog and then comment on my blog with the link to your blog and details to where the link is featured as well as your name, email and color of tribble preference (Qualifies as 1 entry) Limit to one entry this way per contestant.
*Post a link to my etsy shop in your blog and then comment on my blog with the link to your blog and details to where the link is featured as well as your name, email and color of tribble preference (Qualifies as 1 entry) Limit to one entry this way per contestant.
*Post a small feature about my etsy shop. It must feature a link to my blog, a link to my etsy, my shop name, a small blurb about my shop and a picture of something from my shop. Then comment on my blog with the link to your blog as well as your name, email and color of tribble preference. (Qualifies as 3 entries)

*Follow my blog (current followers will automatically be entered into the drawing) Make sure that you comment and let me know or else you may not be entered. (Qualifies as 1 entry)

The winner will be chosen bingo style (I will write all of the contestants entries names on a piece of paper and draw them out of a hat)

The winner will be chosen on my birthday, March the 18th. The winner will then be contacted on March 19th.

Check out this awesome giveaway too- from FringeLore

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Trouble with Tribbles?

Hello all! Weekly update here!
I had some good sales- 4 sales this week to be exact. That totals the month out at 11 for the month. They have been pretty consistent sales so that really helps out. I spent a good amount of the profits from my sales on purchasing supplies for new items that were only ideas in my head about a week ago but now are real!

I made a lot of different goodies and want to share them all with everyone.

Starting out, is the cute little fortune cookie neck pillow that matches my little plushies!

Then there are these adoreable little kawaii guys that I made in sets of earrings and hairties. The mummy puffball pet:

And the tribbles that were inspired by the infamous Star Trek episode "The Trouble with Tribbles":

And I started doing pendants as well!

Comment and let me know what you think!