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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Forgetful as ever!

With the move and my birthday last week, and with unpacking, donating blood, and the addition of three sales within 2 days, I have been a little overwhelmed to say the least. And like nearly every time before, I forget to do something. This time, I forgot to announce who our winner for the tribble earrings is....


Ashley will be contacted by email and I will make the tribble earrings specifically for her!

I am thinking of a new way to do my giveaway and would love any input on rules, entry or even the giveaway prize/item that you would like to see next!

Love Always

Monday, March 16, 2009

Just a reminder...

That I am having a giveaway this month...

I am hosting my first official blog giveaway. The winner will receive a fun set of tribbles jewelry in a custom color of their choice. The set includes one pair of tribbles earrings and one matching hairtie.

The colors to chose from are as follows:

To enter into the giveaway contest, all you have to do is one or more the following:
*Post a comment on my blog (Qualifies as 1 entry) with the following information:
Your name
Email so that I can notify you if you win
Your color preference for the tribbles set
Your favorite item from my shop
Limit to one entry this way per contestant
*Post a link to my blog in your blog and then comment on my blog with the link to your blog and details to where the link is featured as well as your name, email and color of tribble preference (Qualifies as 1 entry) Limit to one entry this way per contestant.
*Post a link to my etsy shop in your blog and then comment on my blog with the link to your blog and details to where the link is featured as well as your name, email and color of tribble preference (Qualifies as 1 entry) Limit to one entry this way per contestant.
*Post a small feature about my etsy shop. It must feature a link to my blog, a link to my etsy, my shop name, a small blurb about my shop and a picture of something from my shop. Then comment on my blog with the link to your blog as well as your name, email and color of tribble preference. (Qualifies as 3 entries)

*Follow my blog (current followers will automatically be entered into the drawing) Make sure that you comment and let me know or else you may not be entered. (Qualifies as 1 entry)

The winner will be chosen bingo style (I will write all of the contestants entries names on a piece of paper and draw them out of a hat)

The winner will be chosen on my birthday, March the 18th. The winner will then be contacted on March 19th.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ahem... drumroll please

Okie dokie- so as we draw nearer to the final bits of our highly anticipated move into the house it seems as though I am even more creatively hyped up than I am usually. This means that I have drawn a ton more designs and have yet to make them. Of course once we finish the move and get things situated, I will be cranking hats out like crazy. It will probably be mid to late April when I start and will probably make a new hat per day. So here are some of the designs if you would like to see them. I would love to hear your comments and such. So could we please have a drumroll until the new hats get made? lol

So first we have Artemis and Luna hat designs from the Sailormoon Series

And then Kon from the Bleach series- I don't know why, but this one makes me smile when I see the design. Can barely wait to see how the actual hat turns out!
Jack Skellington whom everyone loves!

Inspired by Sanrio characters. Can you guess which ones? lol

I was thinking of having a cute chocolate bunny available for the Easter season which is what inspired this little guy

Bender! Need I say more?

My cute lil devil guys
So ANGRY!!!!
Enjoy and let me know what you think! Honestly, I am an attention lover. The more comments I get, the happier I am!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More hat designs but where are the actual hats?

Ok, I have been so busy packing and moving, moving and packing that I havent had a lot of time to actually create. However, I have been sketching up ideas as they pop out of my head because if I dont they will be lost forever, or atleast until I think of them again 6 months later. lol. Anyway, it will be so much easier to create in our new place so I have just put a big halt to all larger projects until that time. Atleast you can see all of my designs though and know that I have great plans!
Everyone loves M&M's

Eevee hat would be adoreable. Maybe I will design and make all of the evolutions too!


Hostess Cupcakes

Heartless hat that my hubby desperately wants me to make ASAP

And I think the half eaten gingerbread man is my fave. He just looks so adoreable and...*chomp*... tasty!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yeeesh! Exposed and Featured!

Ok, so moving has been very hectic. Enough so that I have not accomplished all that I might have wanted to since the new year began. However, I have designed, if not created several more hats that will be posted in pics at the bottom of this post.

But, more importantly, I was featured on a radio show recently, last week in fact, on a Monday night. You can listen to the show by visiting this link http://clockworkcabaret.podhoster.com/ and then clicking on the episode entitled "Hats!" Even better, I was able to contact the sisters who host/DJ the show and they agreed to do a couple of giveaways for me, and promote my shop a little more. Their shows can be listened to via web stream on Mondays nights at 11pm EST to 2amEST http://www.communityradio.coop/ For me that starts at 10pm. It is a little late at night for some but you can always listen to the recorded podcast http://clockworkcabaret.podhoster.com/ at a later time of your convenience. Anyway, the first of the two giveaways was tonight and the second contest was announced tonight, however contestants will have until next Monday night to design and send in artwork of any kind for the hosts' new imaginary band. You can listen to details on the podcast for March 2nd-3rd when it comes out if you are interested in participating.

This is super duper cool for me because I have yet to be featured solely anywhere. I have recently been in quite a few treasuries which is nice, but I haven't really been in the spotlight any. So, I was very excited about it and still am. lol I would really appreciate it if everyone would check it out and help to spread the word a little via blog, twitter, forums, word of mouth, whatever. I would love the extra exposure right now!

And here are the pics:

The mummy hat will be done in a sandy off white color. And the Octopus is for a custom order but will probably still be posted in the shop in case anyone else likes him! ^_^ Let me know what you think please!