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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More hat designs but where are the actual hats?

Ok, I have been so busy packing and moving, moving and packing that I havent had a lot of time to actually create. However, I have been sketching up ideas as they pop out of my head because if I dont they will be lost forever, or atleast until I think of them again 6 months later. lol. Anyway, it will be so much easier to create in our new place so I have just put a big halt to all larger projects until that time. Atleast you can see all of my designs though and know that I have great plans!
Everyone loves M&M's

Eevee hat would be adoreable. Maybe I will design and make all of the evolutions too!


Hostess Cupcakes

Heartless hat that my hubby desperately wants me to make ASAP

And I think the half eaten gingerbread man is my fave. He just looks so adoreable and...*chomp*... tasty!


  1. These are great. Anything Hostess Cupcake has my vote!

  2. oh, i even like the sketches. i can picture the finished project. i especially like the second one.

    i was thinking these were for children but went to your shop and realized otherwise. i love it! :-)

  3. flytie- yeah, I make them for adults but would be more than happy to do them for children as well if so requested...