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Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Giveaway and New Hats

Three new hats are up!
Just wanted to let everyone know that I am having an awesome giveaway soon! I have 6 sales right now and am looking to take plenty more! So, in anticipation, I am doing a little promotional giveaway. I want to reach 100 sales by March. It may be reaching for the stars but atleast it is a goal!

Free gift to:

25th sale- atleast a $5 value

50th sale- atleast a $5 value

100th sale- atleast a $10 value

All customers between now and the 100th sale, will all go into a drawing for each item they purchase. The drawing will be for a free hat out of my shop of a $30 value or less. http://www.whimsywingsandthings.etsy.com/
1) If more than one item is purchased in any sale, it is considered as only one sale and will qualify towards the free gifts only if it is the 25th, 50th, or 100th sale.
2) Each item bought within a sale, contributes one entry into the drawing for a free hat. (i.e. if you buy three items within one sale, you get three entries into the drawing)
3) The drawing will not be held until the 100th sale has been reached (so promote this thread and bump it a lot so that if you buy, you can get to the drawing even more quickly!)
4) There is no price limitation on your item purchases, meaning that you can buy a $4.00 item or a $40.00 item and still get entered into the drawing.

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Designs-

I have just finished up some of these wonderful designs for new hats that I want to make. I was planning on doing them earlier but I have just been so busy with taking care of my husband (he lost his father and the Memorial service was yesterday. So the first is the cute little crab...

He is a little sketchy because my scanner isn't the best but you can get the general idea from the pic...

And here is the cupcake. Teehee, he will have sprinkles on top of his head that will be made of either bead or french knots of brightly colored thread...

Here is the snowman. He is very simple. He will be made out of white fleece with black for the felt on his face except for his nose which will be made out of the good old fashioned button!

And last but not least, the cute little bumble bee! Stripes of yellow and black fleece will be what makes him wonderful!

Please comment and let me know what you think. I would love to have critiques, and comments before I actually make these little guys!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Contemplating and still making patterns... Giveaway too!

Please ignore my face. I wasn't wearing makeup or anything and my hair is in an aweful ponytail (underneath the hat).

So that is my newest pattern/addition that I made to my hat family. Her name is Kira and she is a sweet bunny with a great personality. I think I will make another bunny with ears that are wider because they just seem too thin. Maybe longer too- I dont know. I thought about making a bunny with poseable ears as well but haven't quite worked out the mechanics of it yet. Somehow adding wire into the ears that would stand up straight until bent... hmmm. I will have to think on that of course. Her lip(s) are a little funky in that they are lopsided because I was in a hurry to make her but each individual purchase will come with a made to order hat so that they will never actually recieve the hat in the pic. The hat in the pic will always be mine! Mwahahahaha! (That was an evil and selfish laugh in case you couldn't tell...)

I am excited despite the crooked lip(s) on Kira that my hats have been receiving such strong reviews on etsy but then again, everyone in the forums over there is so so so freaking nice that it is hard to sincerity in opinions sometimes. I just mean to say that, everyone says everything is nice unless it is a thread on critiqueing that specifically asks for the bad news.

Speaking of the forums, I started a threadkiller thread and contest!
I am hosting a threadkiller contest here and the prize will be any hat from my shop of a $30 value or less!

Rules are as follows:
1) To qualify for the threadkill, you must visit my shop and comment/post to let me know what item you like best from my shop.
2) This thread must reach 1,000 posts/comments before it can become a threadkill.
3) Your post must be the last post made for a full 24 hours within this thread to recieve the prize

So check that out and also the great promotional motivation going on in my shop right now. Buy a hat and receive 5 business cards from my shop. Hand them out with your name applied on the back. If anyone that you hand these out to decides to purchase a hat and uses your name in the "message to seller" box when purchasing, you will recieve a $2.00 credit towards your next hat purchase. The more you refer- the more you get for free. *Credit will expire after 6 months of time of issue.

Wondering which anime character/anime to use!

Ok so I created a poll at the bottom of my blog that allows you to vote on which anime character/animal you would like to see made into a hat for cosplay purposes. If you do not see a choice that you would like to see as a hat, then please leave a comment of which of your fave characters you would like to see.

Look at the very bottom of the page please for the poll or comment here in this post!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Animal Ear Hats and Plushies

So, I have been working on my newest endeavor which is inspired by japanese fashion. These little guys are my newest friends
I have made several and am selling some of them on my website at this point in time. I have about 10 different designs going on in my head for more right now so I will be quite busy on them for some time I am sure. They are made out of soft anti-pill fleece. The pattern was created by myself after much trial and error. I am working on my own storyline that I am basing the characters of my hats off of. Anytime that someone orders an original character based hat from me, they will also recieve a certificate with the segment of storyline relevant to their hats character. It will also show birthdate (date made) and the name of the character. And it will have a space/line for the new owners/recipients name.

I have also been working on some japanese styled plushies. Thus far I have had several requests for these little fortune cookie guys http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=19461268
who come in a variety of colors. I am going to pick up some red fleece soon and make a tomato plushie too. I also made a marshmallow (on the far left of this pic) http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r194/gildawen/101_0952.jpg

I hope to be able to stock up enough in supplies and hats within the next month or so to be able to do Tokyo In Tulsa as an artist/vendor. It costs $75 for the registration plus a $1.88 fee. That isn't too bad considering I will be around fellow anime fans/cosplayers all weekend and be able to make money whilst having fun at it!

Anyway, that is it for now. I will be making several more hats in different designs probably within the next two days, so check back soon!