What theme should we use for our challenge in the month of October

Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's the 1st...

It is both the first of the month, and the first of our team challenges.

To begin, let me remind you that you should read the details, timeline and rules of this themed challenge in the post before this one. And to briefly remind you that, as of today, you have until August 31st to send in your themed challenge entries. Also, beginning today, I will be accepting comments on this post only, for nominations for next months challenge theme. Whatever you want- nominate it. Rainbows, puppies, anatomy, fitness- whatever, just comment about it and I will make sure that it gets into the poll for next months theme.

And the theme is (drumroll please)...


Seeing as how, our team began on the definition of that word, we have decided as a team, to collaborate with our fellow team members. The general idea is to actually collaborate to be inspired for our new items.

Team members- Please choose another team member's item that you could feel inspired by. Be sure to ask for permission to make something inspired by that item. It is not a rule, however, it is only courtesy. Make something inspired by their item or something that would go well with their item. For instance, you see a lovely painting- create a fabric frame for it; you notice a gorgeous set of fuschia crystal earrings- create a scarf that compliments it; you see a bouquet of silk flowers- create a hat with similar silk flowers... You may also team up with one another to correspond your items even further! The possibilities are endless. You do not have to list your challenge item, although if you list your challenge item, I will be able to link directly to your shop via a picture here on my blog which could mean more hits, views, hearts and even sales. If you do decide to list the item that you have made, it would be nice to link to the other item that you collaborated with or that you were inspired by. In this way, if you made a hat that matches another team members purse item, you can link to their item and both of you could get some views, hearts or sales this way. This challenge does not encourage or excuse a blatant copy of another person's item. This challenge is to be collaborative and to be beneficial to both the inspiring member and the inspired member. I reiterate, in no way and under no circumstances are you expected to, or encouraged to, copy another item.

Viewers, Readers, Followers and Guests- You may nominate themes if you like. When polls are posted, you may also vote for your favorite theme or item. If you are interested in joining our team, Collaborators in Cahoots, please visit our team blog.

Now get to it collaborators!


  1. Wonderful Job Candace! I don't know if Candles go with much but I will hunt and see. I have a few ideas brewing... Great job! I have an idea For rainbows... I thought this 3 days ago...
    Ok off to see... Wonderful Job!

  2. There's a gazillion themes out there.
    We have jewelry, cards, candles, crochet, felting, knitting, pottery, soap, sewing and general crafty skills in our team.
    Something that would encompass everything, give a creative boost to them all.
    It'll be Fall next challenge too.

    "Autumn colors"?

  3. I like autumn colors for the first month of the fall season. Rainbow might be nice for the 1st month of spring. Collaboration on a 2 headed project like Nancy McArthur and I did with the TypeII series sand pot candles, is difficult now since she left. I can not find a good match up yet. Members are changing all of the time, so who knows maybe in the future. I still use Nancy's brass and will continue to purchase from her store. She has an excellent and growing list of goodies.