What theme should we use for our challenge in the month of October

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Monthly Challenge for September

The poll results are in and I am happy to say that we have a new monthly challenge for the month of September. The results were a favoring 2-to-1 for autumn colors. So collaborators, look out your windows at the lovely changing colors of the fall leaves (if you have any yet) and begin to get inspired and motivated.

Remember, you can comment here in this post to nominate a theme for next months challenge and we will vote as a team on it later in the month.

And check out the poll up top for the members challenges for the month of August! Be sure to vote for your favorite interpretation of collaboration.


  1. I am going to nominate the obvious- Halloween- considering that it will be October! lol

    I also want to nominate dogs because they are so freaking cute!

  2. I think a good theme would be food.
    I'm hungry AND Thanksgiving is soonish....
    which makes my stomach get bigger just thinking about it...

  3. Hmmmm. Oct? Hummingbirds... It's there time to go to Mexico until Aprilish... I LOVE my hummingbirds... The red feed, yellow flowers, green bird with the ruby throat. Their chirping and zipping around. They are soooo courious.

  4. How do we submit an item for the challenge?

  5. Kelsi- you can see all of the details on how to enter your item in a previous post...

    You have to email your entry to me for the contest (details are in that post). If you are talking about submitting a theme, then you must comment in a post to nominate/submit a theme. Hope that helps. If you have any Q's, you can also email me directly.

  6. I don't do halloween, it is very low key in UK. Neither do we have thanksgiving. Never seen a humingbird, that is not a British bird. Food doesn't appeal. I know most of the team are American but...I'm not!
    So, I won't be taking part in the October challenge unless we have another option!
    How about "Vitality"?

  7. Sorry Linda, but the poll has already been posted. The nominations were already made and it is only fair that we stick to the ground rules and not make any exceptions. As stated in the timeline, the first week of the month is when nominations will be accepted. I cannot change the poll now that it is up without completely deleting it and everybody's votes. That would be unfair. I understand that you are not American, however, the nominations came from those who are and we don't know anything other than American themes. You could help us next time, by nominating several themes for the next month that are more British if you like. I understand if you do not want to take part in this challenge, but that is why we have the vote: so that it is unbiased and not based on any persons specific preferences. For instance, I was not keen on Autumn colors for this months challenge, but that is what the "team" voted for and I will not change their vote. However, I have seen a few items in your shop that were vegetable drawings and such so food probably wouldn't be to far fetched for you. Neither would thanksgiving, even though it is true that it is an American holiday, you could still be inspired by the term of giving thanks. I hope that this helps you to understand that I cannot change the poll and that the system must stay in place for this to be fair. Just be sure to nominate something that would be more familiar to you next month if you do not wish to participate in this challenge. Thanks Linda for your understanding

  8. It's ok, I wasn't wanting it changed at all.